NHL Rule Change Talks Should Stop
Why can't we just leave well enough alone, anymore?
The NHL GM meetings are under way, and already in discussion are numerous rule changes to the overtime and replay systems with the league, apparently, in favor of fewer shootouts and more replay - exactly what a league starving for attention ne…
Jets Lose Sanchez But Beat The Giants In The Battle Of New York
The annual Jets-Giants clash was not for the faint of heart. In fact, I wish I would have fainted while watching this debacle. The game was a collection of poor quarterbacking, awful kicking, and a huge injury. Add in some questionable coaching and it had all the makings of a terrible preseason game…
Blackhawks Win Game 4 Thriller-Tie Series At 2
Lost in the shadows of a dramatic NBA finals, the Stanley Cup finals continues to be a fantastic series between 2 fantastic teams. 3 of the games have now gone to overtime. The latest being a wide open thriller Wednesday night. Brent Seabrook ended the drama at 9:51 giving the Blackhawks the 6-5 win…
I Hate The NFL Overtime Rule
Quite frankly, I don’t like the NFL’s new overtime rules.  This isn't elementary school, it's the National Football League.