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Why You Should Root For A Penn State Win
If you are  Wisconsin Badger fan this doesn't apply to you. If you are nuetral it does. A win today by Penn State will propel the Lions into the big 10 championship game next weekend vs Michigan State. Why is this a good thing? I will explain...
Rick Santorum Please Shut Up
No this isn't about politics or the presidential race this about people saying dumb things and today's king of dumb is the former senator from Pennslyvania now running for the GOP nominationterday Rick Santorum suggested Penn State forfeit any bowl game they may be invited to or earn...
Jerry Sandusky Speaks – Claims Innocence
Last week things around Penn State exploded when it was exposed that former coach Jerry Sandusky was sexually abusing young boys.  Now after a week or so of silence, Sandusky has spoken and maintains that he is innocent.
Cady’s Corner – Episode 11 [AUDIO]
Today was the eleventh week of "Cady's Corner," a 1-hour show covering all of the major headlines and games in College Football. Brian Cady will host the show every Saturday morning from 10-11am during the season, breaking down local and national teams every week.
Why Is Mike McQueary Coaching Penn State On Saturday?
Folks as I write this my stomach is churning. What in the name of common decency is going on with Penn State. Ok PSU you whacked Joe Paterno. You got rid of President Spanier. You did the right thing but why-why-why-why is Mike McQueary coaching on Saturday? You can and I will make the cas…
Joe Pa What Did You Know And When Did You Know It?
It brings me no pleasure to write this. As a life long Penn State Fan-Not a die hard fan but a fan and as someone who has admired not only the success of Joe Paterno but the class and the clean programs he has run this earth shaking possible scandal rocking Happy Valley makes my stomach wretch...

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