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Freddie Coleman discusses NFL controversial calls
Protecting the players. Making this a safer game. That's what the NFL has sought out to do.
In making this proclamation, NFL referees are forced to make judgement calls in a split second.
"The game is too fast, too strong and too big for officials to make the right decisions," s…
Questionable Calls in the NFL
What's worse than a questionable call in sports? When it dictates the game.
That's exactly what has happened now two nights in a row in the NFL.
On Sunday, it was this call in the 49ers-Saints game that put New Orleans over San Fransisco:
Then Monday Night, Tom Brady wasn't happy with the no-call in th…
Rob Gronkowski May Return This Week For New England Patriots
The New England Patriots' offense has looked subpar in their first two games this season, and definitely need a spark to ignite their normally potent attack. This week, they may get just that, as tight end Rob Gronkowski is a 50-50 shot to play this week, according to sources close to the team.
Should Bill Belichick Be Blamed For Gronk’s Injury?
Back on Sunday night, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered a broken forearm while blocking on the line for an extra point attempt. Since the game ended, many people have questioned whether or not Gronkowski should have been on the field for that attempt, when the team was already up by a ton o…

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