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Cano Talks With Seattle Breaks Down
All reports Thursday night indicated that the Mariners had a 9-year, $225-million offer on the table as Robinson Cano and agent Jay-Z flew to Seattle to supposedly get the deal done.
Once sitting down in front of the Mariners brass, talks fell apart...
What The Ellsbury Deal Means
The Yankees continue to remind us that they still have the money to spend whatever they want - the whole 'staying under the luxury tax' movement was just lip service.
With the top free agent  Robinson Cano still available, the Yankees have agreed to terms with former Red Sox outfielder…
New Team In On Cano?
The blockbuster deal between Tigers-Rangers on Wednesday night with Prince Fielder getting dealt for Ian Kinsler was a surprise amongst Major League Baseball.
Now, David Schoenfield of says don't be surprised if the Rangers go after Robinson Cano...
Tom Verducci Talks Baseball Hot Stove [AUDIO]
The Hot Stove is starting reach a boil in Major League Baseball, and it’s time to get serious when it comes to your team and their off season face lift.
Well, who better to fill you in that Sports Illustrated's baseball guru Tom Verducci...
Latest On Cano Saga
The free agency of Robinson Cano will be the most sought after and analyzed of the MLB off-season.
As if there's wasn't enough attention, Cano's being courted by Jay-Z and his new agency.
The question remains as to whether or not a team will step forward with the $300+ million that Jay-…
Derek Jeter Back Provides Jolt For Baseball
The captain has returned, which is good for the Yanks.  But for baseball, it is even better.  Ratings are down, as is attendance, and the Yanks didn't have a face for the lovers and haters of the team to relate to or for those same people to go to the ballpark and see.  Now they …

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