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Mike Golic Talks “Bountygate” on Game On [AUDIO]
“Bountygate” has dominated the Sports World ever since it was reported last week that Gregg Williams and The Saints paid players to allegedly knock opposing players out of games. Everyone has had their opinion on whether or not this practice is legal, whether or not this …
Bounty-Gate Deepens – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Well seems Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Back Ryan Clark is the only person besides myself to be saying this about bounty-gate 2012. Clark Took to Twitter to ask who is the rat. Quote from Clark " Whomever is snitching on the Saints D should be ashamed of themselves...
Ochocinco Pays Fine, Calls Out Roger Goodell
Last week, Chad Ochocinco was picking himself off of the ground at Raymond James Stadium after getting hit during a preseason game by Tampa Bay linebacker Mason Foster.  Afterward, Ochocinco made a great gesture and gave commissioner Roger Goodell a unique nickname.
Madden 12 Cover Vote
Madden 12 cover voting begins today.  It's a very cool process which begs the question, who would you vote for?
NFL Player’s Association Decertifies
The NFL Player's Association has dropped the bomb.  Filing decertification papers in court, the union has stepped away from the bargaining table and moved this saga from negotiation to litigation.

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