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Pacers Take 1-0 Series Lead
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Miami Heat find themselves trailing a series for the first time in this NBA postseason.
Paul George hit three 3-pointers and finished with 24 points and seven assists as the Pacers beat the Heat 107-96 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals in Miami...
How To Handle Hibbert in Game Two
Audio: Tim Legler on Mike & Mike - Roy Hibbert's Game Two PT

Roy Hibbert is easily one of the biggest individual post-season disappointments of all-time. The Pacers won't be able to beat the Wizards this series if Hibbert doesn't contribute.
Top Weekend Performers
It was some weekend in sports.  The Knicks are dead and so is the Triple Crown in horse racing.  Hockey's Rangers are in trouble and there is a new winner on the PGA Tour.  Let's take a look at the Top 5 weekend performers in sports.
How The Knicks Can Still Beat Indiana
This Knicks team is something, isn't it?  World-beaters one day, awful the next, good offense one day, never played basketball the next.  Game 5 was just ONE GAME, but New York won and it had to to stay alive.  The task at hand for the Knicks is still a large one, with the Pacers holding a 3-2 advan…
Knicks Need Toughness and Effort To Best Pacers
That old team without a point guard that hung around for just long enough to make us think they could beat the Knicks is gone.  That team was the Boston Celtics.  On to Round 2.  On to a different world for the New York Knicks.
Indiana Pacers And Golden State Warriors Fight During Game [VIDEO]
The Indiana Pacers are one of the NBA's most physical teams thanks, in large part, to big man Roy Hibbert. David Lee of the Golden State Warriors is one of the league's most physical players and one of the league's best rebounders. That amount of physicality on both sides resulted in an ugly scene i…