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On Peyton We Wait
3 teams. 3 cities. millions of fans. No not too much pressure Peyton. Take your time. Oh what am I saying he doesn't care and that's not a bad thing. As we head into a new week the Manning sweepstakes are down to the wire.
From all appearences it's down to Denver, Tennessee, and gettin…
Death Threats In Sports Are Ridiculous
San Francisco 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams had a rough day on Sunday when his team lost to the New York Giants.  Now, according to his father Kenny Williams he is receiving death threats.
Great Day For Football Fans!
If you cheer for Baltimore or San Francisco you might not feel so good about it but for the rest of us Football fans what more can you ask for then this day of football! I will get to my rant about kickers in a moment but lets 1st gush about excitement and thrills...
Diary of a Giants Fan: Giants-49ers Playoff Preview
In the throes of some kind of inexplicably magical run, the New York Giants roll into San Francisco the hottest team in professional football.  Winners of four straight, they look to extend that streak to five, win the NFC Championship game and head to the Super Bowl...Surprised?
Tebow Time Runs Out!
I don't like writing this but I don't do fake. I would love to see Tim Tebow and the Broncos win today but can't make the case. I would love to see this wonderful story extend another week, I would love to see the haters heads explode another week, Would love to see the recent Pa…
NFL Playoffs Down To 8
Well by seed no upsets, not 1 lower seed defeated a higher seed but there was 1 stunner. Although they had home field, a struggling QB, the Denver Broncos stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers in OT in Denver 29-23. While the broncos were seeded higher they were huge underdogs and cast off by many includi…
49ers Release Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards
The San Francisco 49ers have been one of the many surprises in this 2011 NFL season.  They have had many standout players, but former Jet Braylon Edwards has been a bit of a disappointment so the team officially released him yesterday.

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