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Should The NFL Have Stepped In?
Earlier today, the NFL issued an official statement regarding the controversial ending to last night's Packers-Seahawks game on Monday Night Football. The league's stance is that there should have been an Offensive Pass Interference penalty called against Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate…
The Buffalo Bills Trade For Another QB, Tarvaris Jackson
Seems the Buffalo Bills have become the Seattle Seahawks of the east, ironic since the Bills and Hawks just reached a deal for, you guessed it, a quarterback.
Last year Seattle signed Tarvaris Jackson as free agent. Now he is on his third team in three years, aquired by the Bills who now have five, y…
Terrell Owens Released By Seattle Seahawks
In a relationship that lasted less time than Chad Johnson's marriage to Evelyn Lozada, the Seattle Seahawks have released veteran wide receiver Terrell Owens.
Brought onto the team to compete with Braylon Edwards to play the role of the team's physical wide receiver (think Plaxico Bur…
Terrell Owens Signs One Year Deal With Seahawks
Terrell Owens has finally received a another shot in the NFL, inking a one year deal with the Seattle Seahawks to put him in the NFL for the first time since the 2010.
Owens had surgery on his knee last year and didn't receive any contract offers, which was alleged at one point to be the result …
Diary of a Giants Fan: Giants – Seahawks Preview
Escaped with.  Gutsy.  Lucked out. Gallant.  All of these words are ones that you can put before "win" in describing the Giants' (insert adjective) win last week in Arizona. Well if all goes according to plan this Sunday in the ever homely swamps of Jersey only one world should be necessar…
Tarvaris Jackson to the Seahawks: Whaaaaaa?
The Seattle Seahawks are ready to cut ties with longtime quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and will sign Viking third string dynamo Tarvaris Jackson.  Really Pete Carroll?  Really? Tarvaris Jackson?  What? Was Spergon Wynn not available?

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