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Did You Enjoy The Super Bowl Blackout? [POLL]
The entire world was buzzing over last night's blackout during Super Bowl XLVII. Some people thought that the NFL caused the outage to let the 49ers back into the game, while others had their own conspiracy theories. The consensus, though, was that the blackout was largely annoying.
However, I c…
Ray Lewis Should Be Fined For Wearing Gold Cleats [UPDATE]
Unless you have been living in a location without electricity, newspapers, or any other form of information from the outside world, you know that Super Bowl XLVII is Ray Lewis' last career NFL game. You know that he's cried a lot and that he apparently has a taste for deer antler spray. No…
Super Bowl XLVII Live Tweeting From 104.5 The Team
Super Bowl XLVII will be the most tweeted about event in the history of mankind when all is said and done. We all know that you will be tweeting during the game, so why not tweet with your friends at 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio?
XII Super Bowl Fun Facts in One Handy Infographic
If your excitement for Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday stems more from a love of chili than a love of football (which is tooootally fine, by the way), here are some facts for you (in handy infographic form!) about the big game and the Super Sunday game to end all games in general. Learn them and you mi…
49ers Defensive Back Chris Culliver Slams Gays, Then Apologizes
Well so much for the no drama I predicted for this years buildup to the Super Bowl. Thanks to Ray Lewis alleged use of a banned substance and Chris Culliver's mouth this brother fest has turned lively.
Culliver the 2nd year nickle back who had an interception in the NFC title game win over Atlan…
Are Pro Games Fixed? [POLL]
January 1969, Super Bowl 3 in Miami, the heavily favored NFL’s Baltimore Colts against the underdog from the AFL the New York Jets. Not many of today’s fans remember this but going into Super Bowl 3 the future of the NFL as it now stands was in doubt.
5 Most Unlikely Super Bowl Teams of All-Time
The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will duel in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, Feb. 3. While neither team was considered a lock to make the Super Bowl, both squads are division winners with a Super Bowl history. That's not always the case; some franchises have shocked the football world by ma…

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