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UFC Heavy Weight Travis Browne Wants UFC in NY!
The #3 contender in the Heavy Weight division Travis Browne sat down for an ubelievable interview with 104.5 THE TEAM'S Armen Williams.
Browne talks about the art of MMA and why not legalizing UFC in New York is just hurting the fans.
Also, goes on to talk about  his Hawaiian roots and the c…
Robin Carlin of Mile High Sports Joins Joe & Brix
The Team’s afternoon host Armen Williams has been working like a dog on radio row this week, tracking down celebrities, reporters and former players to get their thoughts on Sunday’s game and more.
Earlier Armen caught up with Robin Carlin, a reporter for Mile High Sports who initially caught Armen’s…
Ex-Pitcher Mike Bacsik Talks Tanaka (Audio)
104.5 The Teams Armen Williams sat down with CBS MLB Analyst Mike Bacsik who pitched 5 years in the league including 2 with the Mets.
Bacsik is infamous for giving up the RECORD BREAKING Home-Run ball to Barry Bonds in 2007 while on the Nationals...

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