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Lyrics to the Masters’ Theme Song are Beyond Terrible
With its winner receiving a gaudy green jacket that wouldn't be out of place at a retirement home, the Masters is hardly a beacon of contemporary taste. Golf's most revered championship takes place this weekend in Augusta, Ga. If you watch it, you'll undoubtedly hear the majestic Mast…
Tiger vs Jack, It Matters
Tiger Woods hung posters of a legendary golfer on his wall above his bed as a young boy.  That legendary golfer is Jack Nicklaus, major-record holder with 18.  Tiger Woods wants 19.  He wanted it then, and he still wants it now.
Keep Your Golf Game Up While Waiting to Play
The Masters is going on.  We golfers love The Masters.  But we golfers watch The Masters, we don't play in it.  And right now, golfers are not playing much at all no matter what in The Capital Region because of the wet, windy and cool weather.  But you can still stay in the …
Bubba Watson Wins Masters in Playoff
Bubba Watson has famously never taken a golf lesson - something that even the least educated golf fan may have been able to tell.  His swing isn't polished.  He doesn't display the grace that so many of his contemporaries do.  He's unique.  And on Sunday, it took a…
The Masters is One of a Kind
Whether you’re drawn in by it’s history, it’s players, the bright lights and pretty flowers, or the general aura of Augusta you’ve got to admit, the Masters is special.
Sink’s Masters Prediction
It's the day before the Masters down in Augusta - so I thought I'd make a bold prediction.
I'm going to pick a winner - so here it is.
A Win For The Family
As we look forward to the 2011 Masters Tournament, here are the highlights of Phil's Sunday in route to his 2010 run at the green jacket.

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