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Tim Tebow Endorses TiVo [VIDEO]
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is the new spokesperson for TiVo.  I personally think Mark Sanchez would’ve done a much better job in this ad.  (Kidding.)
Most Interesting NFL Teams
In today's edition of the New York Daily News, several NY Jets players were quoted for saying they don't think Tim Tebow should be the starting quarterback and that Tebow is terrible. With all of the drama surrounding Tim Tebow, the crazy quotes regularly coming from the players and the he…
Is Tim Tebow Dating a Movie Star?
Camilla Belle will be starring in I Brake For Gringos in 2013, and rumor has it she's been method acting with one particurally popular back-up quarterback of a gringo.
Far-Fetched Criticisms For NFL Quarterbacks
Let's face it - when it comes to fans critiquing their favorite NFL teams, more often than not, the criticism falls squarely on the shoulders of the starting quarterback. Whether it's Tony Romo, Michael Vick or Mark Sanchez, starting quarterbacks seems to receive unnecessary and sometimes …
Most Overrated NFL Player – Is It Tim Tebow?
Sports Illustrated recently did a poll of 180 random NFL players, asking them who they think is the most overrated player in the league. The top answer was New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Do you agree with those players, or do you think somebody else is more overrated than Tebow...
The Jets are too Afraid of Media Criticism to Improve Their Team
There is no team in the NFL that cares about the media more than Woody Johnson’s New York Jets. Ever since the Rex Ryan era began, the Jets have seemed just as concerned about the back pages as they've been about winning. That mentality has not only kept them from building on their initial success u…

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