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Top 5 Games to Watch This NFL Season
The 2013 NFL schedule has been released.  And now everyone can take a deep breath and be relieved.  Until the games start that is.  Here is a look at the Top 5 games to watch on the upcoming NFL calendar.
Most “Clutch” NFL Quarterbacks [POLL]
During the fallout from Super Bowl XLVII, a lot of the same topics continue to be rehashed and reworded by all of the "Monday Morning Quarterbacks" in the country. However, there's one topic Brian Noe believes everybody has been ignoring that is staring them right in the face:…
Tom Brady Gets Fined For “The Slide”
One of the most bizarre plays from "Conference Championship Sunday" in the NFL has been reviewed by the league, and Tom Brady is going to pay for it. The star quarterback of the New England Patriots has been fined $10,000 for making questionable contact with Baltimore Ravens corner…

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