Tony Gwynn

Gwynn Family Files Tobacco Lawsuit
Yesterday, the family of the late great Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against tobacco companies two years after the legendary San Diego Padre passed away.
"The tobacco companies were using his addiction to turn him into their ultimate walking billboard," …
The Tribute Major League Baseball SHOULD Of Done [VIDEO]
When asked why no tribute was made to Tony Gwynn during this years All Star Game Fox and MLB issued this joint statement:
"We are deeply saddened by the loss of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn, an extraordinary individual whose memory we have honored in numerous ways in recent weeks...
Mourning Tony Gwynn: 1960-2014
The baseball world lost one of its titans on Monday as Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn died at the age of 54 from cancer.
Gwynn was a rare and special player, and because he spent his whole career on the West Coast, most people don't even realize just how good he was...