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Tour de France Fan Throws Urine on Biker
The Tour de France, and cycling in general, have lost a ton of credibility over the last decade or so with the high amount of doping scandals involving riders.  Now it seems like the fans of cycling are fed up.
Lance Armstrong’s Public Image
On Monday, former national cycling icon Lance Armstrong confessed during a taped interview with Oprah Winfrey that he did steroids during his "illustrious" cycling career, which included seven consecutive Tour de France titles. Does this confession from Armstrong help or further hu…
Lance Armstrong Stripped Of His 7 Tour De France Medals
The bad news keeps coming for  American cyclist Lance Armstrong. The latest-The international Cycling Federation has stripped the one time gold standard of cycling of his 7 Tour De France medals and banned him from the sport for life. I applaud both moves...
Did Cycling Authorities Know And Allow Lance Armstrong To Cheat?
From American hero to cycling zero. That is how far Lanced Armstrong has fallen. Now that is seems clear he was taking steroids of some kind, or doping as they call it, did in fact the International Cycling Union (known as UCI) not only know it was going on but taking payoffs to allow it and keep th…
Huge Tour de France Crash [VIDEO]
Quick, name as many Tour de France competitors as you possibly can.  The Tour de France isn't exactly as popular as the NFL in this country.  Whether you're able to name two riders or not, however, this is a must-see video.