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I Was Wrong. Vince Young Isn’t Good!
Unlike other talking heads, when I am wrong, well, I am wrong, and I was wrong on Vince Young! Boy, was I wrong!
Now Vince, I hope I am wrong again by saying I was wrong but thanks to your lousy play and terrible decision making you have played your way off another team, the 3rd so far...
Vince Young Isn’t Good [NoeBrainer]
Sure, Vince Young is 31-17 as a starting quarterback in the NFL.  Yes, Vince Young helped lead the Eagles to a 17-10 win over the Giants on Sunday night.  However, there is a reason Vince is a backup!
Titans To Cut Ties With Young
The Titans released a statement on Wednesday in which owner, Bud Adams said that Young will not be on the roster next season.  The team will look to trade him during the off-season, but will release him if they are not able to find a trade.