washington wizards

You know you've found a diamond in the rough when even your head coach says this is like a miracle. Heck, I expect to see Knicks coach Mike D'antoni kiss Jeremy Lin and thank him for perhaps saving his job.
Such is the state of the NY Knicks, a team that was dead and done a week ago, is now…
Lin-Sanity Leads The Knicks Again!
Okay, first it was just New Jersey. Can't get excited about that. Then it was Utah- without Amare and Melo. Now the Wizards without those two stars again. Yes, it is time to at least be curious about this new guy that was a castoff by two clubs this year...
JaVale McGee’s Incredible Block
Get that weak stuff outta here!  Not only did JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards complete reject the Blazers' Wesley Matthews, he was able to maintain possession.  This great block got me thinking.
Hopes For The New Year
Now that there are just 2 days left in 2010, I thought it would be a good time to look ahead to 2011.  So I've come up with a list of things I'm hoping from my sports teams next year.