Yankee Stadium

This Has To Be The End For Andy Pettitte In The Bronx
No one will ever forget the postseason wins, the bulldog mentality, the cap set down just above the eyebrows as the cutter dives in on righties and away from lefties.  No one will forget saving the bacon in the Bronx time after time after time, nor will they forget outdueling John Smoltz in the…
Watch Skateboarders Turn Yankee Stadium Into A Giant Skate Park
True skateboard freaks will skate over anything, even the baseball cathedral that is Yankee Stadium. But if they can look this good doing it, what's the harm, grandpa? Watch the video above to see some major league shredding.
Skaters Brandon Westgate, Dave Willis and Chaz Ortiz of skateboard and appa…
Red Sox-Yankees Series Preview
Old rivals meet again.  This is really the rivalry though, not that silly Yankees-Mets thing.  Speaking of which, the Yanks come into the series with Boston in the Bronx tumbling down a hill, having lost four straight to the Mets.  Boston, meanwhile, comes off a series split with Phil…
Derek Jeter Begins Throwing
Derek Jeter has begun at least one baseball activity, throwing, at Yankee Stadium.  The Yankee captain isn't allowed to do anything else until he gets a CT scan sometime in the next week and a half.
Yankees-Mets Series Preview
The Subway Series is here again.  This of course is more for the fans and the media, but there are some terrific New York baseball storylines to this one.  First thing is first.  The Yanks come fresh off an impressive series win in Tampa Bay, where they seem to never win games. The Mets continue to …
Bleacher Creature Leader Bald Vinny Talks on The Team
104.5 The Team ESPN Radio Mid-Day host Mike Lindsley recently talked with Bleacher Creature ring leader Bald Vinny about how the section formed, the atmosphere at the new Yankee Stadium, splitting time between a Yanks game and his sister's wedding and this year's Yankee team...
Yankees-Orioles Series Preview
The Yankees enter Camden Yards posting a 12-6 record against American League East teams.  The Orioles have lost five straight and are looking to bounce back at home.  These clubs play three in Baltimore.  Here is a series preview:
Mariners-Yankees Series Preview
The Yankees enter a three-game set at home vs. Seattle as one of baseball's best teams.  The Mariners enter the series hovering around .500 and have played for the most part inconsistent ball all year.  Here is a series preview.
Now It’s Time To Pile On The Yankees
If you follow baseball you know what's up with these New York Yankees. They are down their captain, down in the series to the Detriot Tigers, down to pleading for a simple hit, and if you are Alex Rodriguez, trying to get down while your team is getting humiliated...
Yankee Stadium Is A Farce
Okay farce maybe a little strong but another word didn't come to mind. Now Yankee fans chill. This  isn't about tradition, the team, the franchise or beating the Mets.  None of that.
Baseball-Pizza And A Hummer?
Well if you are a Yankee fan-maybe perhaps a Yankee ticket winner from 1 of our contests on 1045 The Team-ESPN Radio in Albany you get a bonus, at your expense of course.
Acoording to a report in the NY Post, not only can you enjoy a ball game but perhaps some pizza and some lip lock right outsuide Y…