Vic Dibitetto From the Yankee Clubhouse
Vic Dibitetto does another rank from the Yankee Clubhouse (a Yankee room in his house LOL).
Vic calls the Yankees Bipolar and I can't disagree. They need to sell sell sell and send Alex Rodriguez home. Find some decent younger players and hope for a better season next year...
Yankees Get Three All-Stars
The Yankees had a good night on Tuesday, topping the White Sox by a score of 9-0, but they also earned three all-star selections in the process.
Outfielder Carlos Beltran and pitchers Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances were named to the roster for the American League all-star team...
Yankees Sign First-Round Pick Blake Rutherford
The New York Yankees have signed first-round draft pick Blake Rutherford to a contract that solidifies the prep OF will enter the New York system:
The 18th-overall pick in the draft has been speculated to be the best prep bat in the draft and will help the Yankees in their quest to get younger...
Vic Dibietto Calls Hal and Hank Yankee Owners ‘Funny’
Vic Dibietto has had enough. In this video he calls Harold and Hank Steinbrenner, owners of the Yankees.
Many have asked what would George do? From ESPN here are some thoughts on that:
According to ESPN, "The '80s George Steinbrenner would have added Joe Girardi to the long list of manag…
Vic Dibitetto on Yesterday’s Yankee Game [NSFW]
In this video from the Yankee Clubhouse, comic Vic Dibitetto goes off on the Yankees and yesterday's rain delay game.
Vic posts rants like this every week about the Yankees and like any
longtime Yankee fan, he HATES what's happening...
From Chasing the Pros to Being a Pro (AUDIO)
Before he was a professional, Tim Lynch used to chase down the pros. Lynch spent his childhood in Florida visiting Spring Training sites and Florida State League games as an avid autograph collector.
Now, Lynch, recently drafted in the 9th round by the New York Yankees, is starting his own profession…
Would Cubs Fans Sacrifice Future to Win Now? (AUDIO)
As the Yankees continue to struggle, there's been a lot of speculation that they will trade one of their coveted bullpen pieces in Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman.
One of the teams who has been linked to the Yanks is the Chicago Cubs, the team with the best record in baseball, …
No Yankee Fans Allowed (Prank Call)
Love this call. The set up is: a guy calls up Yankee fans staying at a Boston hotel. He says the owner of the hotel is a Red Sox fan and does not want Yankee fans staying at his hotel. The guy's reaction is priceless.
The fact that anyone would actually believe this is real is funny enough,…
Yankees, Mets Round 1 Breakdown
It was an eventful night for the Capital Region baseball fan on Thursday as the MLB Draft's first round took place at MLB Headquarters.
In a surprise plot twist, Shenendehowa pitcher Ian Anderson shot up the draft board and landed with the Atlanta Braves with the third pick...
Beltran Pushes Yankees Back to .500
And just like that, the New York Yankees are back at .500 after a four-game sweep of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Ivan Nova pitched the Yankees to the 30-30 mark by tossing 6.1 innings and allowing just three earned runs. Nova is now 5-3 this year...
The Yankees Should Trade Chapman, Not Miller
The Yankees are currently 6.5 games out of first place in the American League East and for the first time in quite a while, they could be sellers at the trade deadline.
There's been a lot of speculation that if the Yankees fall out of the race, they should consider selling off pieces like Carlos…
Vic DiBitetto on Yankees Locker Room
Here is the latest from Vic:
Vic has hundreds of videos on the Yankees, and anything else that pisses Vic off. Most are NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR KIDS. Vic has been a stand-up comic for over 20 years, and I have had him on the show many times...

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