Well ladies and gentlemen, so far we've covered Saratoga from your angle.  But what's behind the scenes?  What's Saratoga look like from the parts of the track you don't get to see?  Well I'm here to pull away the curtain and show it all to you, just check out the pictures and their captions.

Have you ever heard that you "Can't see the forest for the trees?"  Well that's a pretty good way to describe Saratoga.  You can get so focused on getting your gamble on and checking out the horses that you don't see all of the hard work that goes in to making Saratoga the living, breathing organism that it is.  I wanted to show you at least some of that.  This gallery features looks into the backstretch area, the press box, the Steward's area, the jockey room, the paddock, the roof, the starting gate and the Winner's Circle.  So give it a look and check out the captions for a unique view of your Saratoga Race Course; and make sure to check out the other issues of Talking Track: The Novice's Guide to the Saratoga Race Course.