Today is a great day to be a Jet fan. The NFL's most popular player is now a Jet after hours of negotiation. Tim Tebow welcome to Broadway. For this Jet fan what a great moment. I am thrilled to have Timmy T on my team. Sure the critics are loud and vast, and not thinking this move through.

Top objection: Mark Sanchez will be looking over his back. Yeah so. You mean a little real competition..Oh heavens no please say it isn't so. You mean the Sanchize will have to play better to keep his job? Oh please say it isn't so. Listen I love Sanchez. Think he has done a good job. His resume speaks for itself. 2 AFC title games in 3 years. Stats have gotten a bit better. 4 road playoff wins tied for 2nd most in history! However pushing him to get better has been a fossil with all due respect to Mark Brunnel. Competition makes you better. Competition will make Sanchez better or it will expose him and he will be gone. With the exception of what 5 teams and QBS who have no competition like Eli and Aaron and Tom this is standard operating procedure. Why should it be any different for Sanchez? What the Jets should have a backup that can't play because of Sanchez's feelings? Nonsense!

Besides I don't buy into this talking point that Sanchez is sooooo sensitive but if he is then perhaps playing QB in the NFL isn't the place for him. Sanchez will be pushed and that will be good for him and for the team!

Next thing: Tebow is  polarizing. Total 100% incorrect. It's not Tebow that is polarizing. It's Tebow's haters and critics that polarize him. You never heard about Reggie White or any of the many other ardent Christian players being polarizing..Hmm is he polarizing cause he is White and Christian? Tebow shoves his religion on NO ONE. Perhaps his detractors just don't like his religious beliefs? Tough. He isn't proselytizing. He isn't bible preaching. He is playing ball and showing glory to God. Many players do it yet only Tebow is called "divisive" and "polarizing"..This is total nonsense.  Seems Tebow's enemies have more issues with this then anyone. Make no mistake there is a war on religion going on in this country and Christians bear the brunt of it. Christian bashing is welcome and in fact promoted.

Here is my favorite of all  the talking points why Tebow is not a good fit- Cause Joey in  section 210 or Mary in section 128 will be calling for Tebow to play if Sanchez struggles..Pardon me for a second..LOL.LOL.LOL..yeah because if it wasn't Tebow these same fans wouldn't be booing and hissing and calling for the backup. Heck backup QB is the most popular player on the roster in all but 5  NFL cities. Using this absurd piece of non logic then Tebow can't play anywhere cause those fans will be calling for him to get into the game if the starter struggles. In fact no team should have a backup using that stupid logic. If Sanchez plays well which all us Jet fans hope is the case then it is a moot point. If he plays poorly then not only will their be calls for Tebow but there should be!

Another of my favorite talking points- Tebow can't play..Tebow can't play? Really? Took over a 1-4 football team and got them to not only the playoffs but a 1st round win over the Steelers. I will say it again Tebow has 1 more playoff win then the COMBINATION of Dalton, Newton, Shaub, Ponder, Fitzpatrick, McCoy, Locker, Henne, Palmer, Cassell, Stafford, Freeman, Kolb COMBINED. They have NONE COMBINED. Now that's simpleton thinking but it is fact. Obviously there are extenuating circumstances in all these. But WINNING is WINNING.

Does Tebow have much to improve on- Of course. But is he getting better-yes he is. Tebow is tough, hard working, mentally prepared. Tebow will get better and he is getting better.

Tebow brings angles and talents the Jets will have do get out of him. Think about this. The Jets offensive co-ordinator Tony Sparano is not going to running any sort of high flying offense. Tebow gives him a weapon and talents to get creative with when the Jets lacked that with their current personal. They were looking at being boring frankly. Sparano is a joke as the OC but it is what it is so give him options and let's see if he can but together game plans to exploit the capabilities of Tebow and others. Tebow gives the Jets many options and I don't mean just the dopey wildcat. My big question is can an inept coach like Sparano utilize Tebow and find ways to make him succsessful. Time will tell. The Jets are going to be ground and pound now with some seasoning and taste.

Tim Tebow is a great aquisition for the NY Jets and their fans. The current detractors like Antonio Crowmartie should put a sock in it. Perhaps if he hadn't droped what 4 punts and gotten beat in coverage several times the Jets would have made the playoffs. Crow should be the last clown opening his yap. Maybe Crow can learn how to be a better person from Tebow!

These Jets have too many gutless "un-named" players who like to pop off to the media and yet not put their name to it. Cowards!

1 last thing. I love Rex Ryan for the most part but he is a hypocrite. He claims he has this policy that players can speak to the media. No he doesn't unless your name is Sanchez, Mangold, Ferguson and many others. But if you are McElroy or Mason not at all. Mason was shipped out cause he went whining to the media and McElroy will be next cause he was honest with the media and told how the Jet locker room was poison. Since McElroy isn't established he can't speak freely. Hypocrisy!!!!!

Tim Tebow welcome sir. You are a wonderful person, a great ambassador, and a good player who needs to improve and will. I love having you on my team. Now lets get some more players and go win some ballgames and Crowmartie shut your mouth you fool!