If you  are rating Tim Tebow's performance up against Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rogers then yes Tebow was an abject failure. If you rate his season aginst other rookie or 2nd year QB's then Tim had a fine season and there is hope going forward. Funny though the harshest critics of Tebow, those waiting with fangs out want to compare the 2nd year QB against the games best. But nooo they don't dislike Tebow they are just spewing facts.

I always see this same line of attack. Tebow is no Brady. He is no Brees..Yeah he is no Manning either. Funny though why not compare Tebow to other QB's of his age and tenure. Lets start with Sam Bradford. How about Blaine Gabbert. Josh Freeman.. I could go on a but but you get the point. No to the haters and even the critics Tebow somehow he has  to be as good as those will be hall of famers or he sucks or he is a failure.

Tebow without the benefit of training camp had a fine season not just in stats but in success. He led his team to the 2nd round easily out performing expectations. He saved his finest performance for the biggest game a 1st round win over the tough and tumble Pittsburgh Steelers throwing for 316 yards and 2 td's.

Full disclosure I was not a Tebow fan in college at all. Thought he was over rated frankly. Got credit for winning 2 national titles when in fact he was a backup to Chris Leak for 1 of those who got some playing time and contributed. I thought drafting him in the 1st round was absurd and still question that wisdom. However seeing the landscape what's at work here is the usual pummeling of a high quality human being and in my opinion an unfair hammering of a guy who clearly has much to do to improve but is improving.

Ask yourself why is Tebow judged against the games best but others I mentioned aren't. Hmm. Ask yourself how many of these other young fella's have had the success of Tebow and his club. It begins and ends with T.J. Yates and his effectivness can be debated. Tebow didn't have a  very good game against the Patriots but funny those same folks who never want to give Tebow credit for his success  usually spout about how it was  a team this or team that...Hmm I guess the "team" thing goes out the window when Denvers defense flops under the pressure or a full on Tom Brady classic. Yep it was all Tebows fault. He didnt get to the QB. He didnt cover the tight ends. He didn't pick a  ball off or make a tackle. Yep blame Tebow. Absurd!

The questions remain can Tebow with his limitations and his set of skills be effective in the NFL? I tend to doubt it but to go back and forth every week debating his exploits and whether he is good for the NFL is a joke. Tim Tebow is a fine young man with certain skills that can be effective in spots but not sure if it will work long run in the NFL where the big boys are the best there is and speed mostly tends to expose deficiency's. 1 thing that can't be debated is Tebow getting better-YES. Is Tebow a good example for todays youth-YES. Is Tebow an exciting player- YES. Is Tebow good for the NFL- Hell YES.