I don't like writing this but I don't do fake. I would love to see Tim Tebow and the Broncos win today but can't make the case. I would love to see this wonderful story extend another week, I would love to see the haters heads explode another week, Would love to see the recent Patriots post season misery continue ( I am a Jet fan-nothing personal Pats fans) but  I can't make the case. I expect Bill Belichick to craft a defense to frustrate the Broncs and end this fun run for Tebow and mates. I think the Pats will play a lot of zone defense, not flood the box as the Steelers did thus daring Tebow to throw it deep which he did with lots of success. I don't think the Patriots weak secondary will try and man up that much. I don't believe the Ponies will have success running the ball and much  against my rooting interest the Pats will win and win going away 35-17.

Game 2 in the AFC sees the Ravens, unbeaten at home this year tangle with the Houston Texans. Baltimore swept their 8 games at home this year although they struggled in a few aginst inferior opponents like the Cardinals and Browns to name 2. Rookie QB T.J. Yates will struggle with the rough tough Ravens defense  and Joe Flacco needs to get his Ravens to the big show to shut up the critics. Flacco has been whining about lack of respect (yawn) but that doesn't go away until he leads  the  Ravens to the Super Bowl. Houston will have a tough time as Yates will be rendered moot in this ballgame. I expect to see the Ravens win 21-10.

Now to the appetizing NFC semifinals. Today we get the high flying Saints travel to San Francisco and a classic offense vs defense matchup. I am a defensive guy. Love to watch me some defense in a league that has basically penalized defense to the chagrin of those who love the lost art. Yes Drew Brees is having a marvelous year, Historical frankly but the Saints run it very well as well. For the Niners to win they have to make New Orleans 1 dimensional. I think they will. The 49ers hold teams to 77 yards per game on the ground and they need to make the Saints impatient and run deficient. I say they will and make enough plays on offense to win a thriller 27-24.

Lastly and locally the Giants go to Green Bay to try and take down the champs. I want to pick the GMEN in the worst way but truth be told my picks are lousy and I promised Giant fans I would do my part to get Big Blue over the top. I could make a good case for the Giants to win this game but I won't cause I don't break a promise. The Packers will run all over the Giants and take away their will. Packers 42 Giants 3 (wink wink). What a great weekend of playoff football we have on tap. 4 wonderful matchups.Can't wait!