I was not a Tim Tebow fan in College. I always thought he was over rated. The notion that he won 2 national championships is not so true. Chris Leak was the primary QB for the Gators 1st title. I also believed that Tebow as a 1st round pick was laughable and his mechanics scary bad.  However like many do when drafting players and evaluating players I didn't put enough stock in the work ethic and desire. I have come full circle on Tebow and believe he will be a solid QB in the NFL because he wants it bad. I am  enjoying this feel good story. Nice to see good people doing good things. Having said all this Tebow time and the miracle Broncos takes a back seat today to real greatness in the here and now. Tom Brady is great right now and he is not happy that people keep throwing up 1-5 as in his record vs the Ponies. It's the only team Tom is below 500 against in the NFL. Think about that. This late draft pick as in 6th round has a winning record vs every team in the NFL except Denver

Here is another thing to think about. Stopping Tebow has to be an obsession for Bill Bellicheck. Oh the boring one will never say it but he is being challenged today as well. If the game is close can the master do what 6 other coaches couldn't do. Put the hammer down and not allow Tebow another dramatic late game victory. I have been critical of the pats this year and I stand by most of what I said. they are on the slide and not as good as many think but they are still a prideful team as they have shown and pride will win out today.

In fact I don't even think it gets to Tebow time. I think the Pats led by Brady and man beast tight end Dan Gradkowski put distance between the Pats and broncs and the Pats win by 2 td's. I am thinking 24-7  type of outcome. Check back next week for Tebow and his Chetlin Ponies to pick it up again but this Sunday belongs to a pair of hall of famers who are being challenged from the outside