Enough already, Rex. Enough already, Woody. No more side shows, no more circus.

As a self proclaimed Jets fan until the day I die I am begging you to say no to Terrell Owens. Word is Owens, out of football again, cut by the Seahawks in the preseason, is pitching himself to the Jets. The Jets need help at that position with Santonio Holmes out for the year, Stephen Hill hurt, and young players not ready for prime time. But please, no more side shows.

Listen, Rex, I am almost ready to accept for the 48th straight year of my Jets loving life, or close to that, that we aren't going to win the Super Bowl. I am not totally in the tank yet but reality is staring me in the face and I am begrudgingly succumbing. It is what it is.

Having said that, no more clown act, okay Rex? Let's get the young guys some time and hopefully they will improve and help us next year when we make our move again.

Owens was cut by the receiver desperate Seahawks. Why? Because at 39 he is done, finished, over. He doesn't want to accept that, but we don't need a washed up wide receiver who is a side show unto himself. Nothing personal, Terrell. You aren't this monster others have portrayed you as. No arrests. No drugs. No beaten woman. But, dude, it is time to move on. At least go another team if they want you.

Jets management courts controversy and characters. Fine, I am okay with that. But enough is enough for now. Our football team has many problems, starting on defense and quarterback. We don't need any more pub hounds, distractions, or anything like that. We need prime time ball players, for this year and moving into the future. Owens' future is not as a play maker, his past was. He won't be any help going forward into next year.

So Rex, I ask you, I beg you, I implore you. No more with these aging stars, no more side shows, no more media hounds that can't play up to their ability to talk to the press. NO MORE.