After playing terrible ball for the most part since the All-Star break, since being on pace to set a new record for futility at home in the 2nd half of the season, after falling far out of the wild card chase you would think that Mets manager Terry Collins, known in his early days for having a  bit of a temper, would explode at his Mets. He finally did after Thursdays humiliating 16-1 loss to the surging Phillies. Well, he did that and then he apologized!

Yes, you read that right. After biting his lip for the most part at Thursday's post game presser, Collins let loose a bit and questioned his teams heart. Then one day later he apologized for questioning his team's heart!

Collins, who has watched his team play wretched ball, apologized! This seems like a guy who is worried for his job security and doesn't want his team to quit on him. But the question needs to be asked: hasn't that happened already?

Collins showed his players that he will go soft when it is time to carry the big stick. He can talk softly now because his sting has been rendered useless. For now.

Collins, before Friday's ballgame at home vs. the Marlins apologized to his team for questioning their heart saying "I don't want to ever challenge anyone's integrity. That's wrong. My players are professionals. They didn't get here by bring without being guys that played their hearts out all the time."  Really Terry? You sure about that?

Now to me, Collins looks weak. Who can blame him for letting loose on this terrible team? Heck, how he kept his cool before lashing out at management or ownership is beyond me. Ownership let him down by not going out to get some bullpen help when they were still in the chase and the pen was blowing games every day or every other day or by jamming players into positions they never or barely played.

Sadly for us Met fans this reminds of the drek days of the  late 70's and early 80's. The team is run with bubble gum for a budget. This is New York, not Kansas City!!!!

My feelings on Collins? I admit, at first, I didn't want him as manager but he grew on me. His honesty was refreshing. I wanted Wally Backman for his grit. I like Collins. Think he is a good baseball guy. However, apologizing and looking soft has hurt him in my mind. Is poor little ball player upset they were called out by the manager and not by name? Oh, poor little ball player. God forbid you get trashed for playing terribly. Now your little feelings are hurt.

I have not turned anti-Collins and still think he is a good manager, but this shows me he doesn't have the chops to stand by his ringing critique. He is just trying to appease his players and frankly, with the state of the Mets, that is exactly what they don't need.

I think a change might be needed now for the Mets to move forward. I think the players will look at Collins as a back tracker instead of a straight shooter. He shot straight then he took back his words. Not good if you are Terry Collins!