It’s Valentine’s Day; a day of flowers, chocolate and romance. Heart doilies are draped across office cubicles, and everywhere you go you’re flooded with theme of love. Its cute, but it’s a bit much.  So, in order to break up the momentous theme of the day, here are the 5 things I HATE most about sports right now:

5. The Peyton Manning speculation - Miami? Washington? What about the Raiders? If this baseless “coverage” of Peyton’s off-season drags on for the next few months, which it will, it will be miles worse than anything Brett Farve ever put us through. There is literally no new information on where Peyton is going to wind up, and there won’t be until at least mid-March, so can we please, as a nation, stop talking about it.  

4. The fact that T.O. was voted one of the 10 most hated athletes - He didn’t even play this season. He’s virtually retired. If you hate him so much and want him to fade away, then stop bringing him up all the damn time.

3. Linsanity – Sike! I love this guy. Lin-Tin-Tin, this dude is my dawg!

2. Ryan Braun – Am I upset that he got busted for steroids? Yeah. Is it infuriating that “baseball people” won’t take his MVP award away? Of course, it’s absurd. But what’s worse is that I am a month and a half away from Fantasy Baseball season and I still haven’t come up with a good fantasy name about his shrunken balls. “All Braun No Brass,” “MVPee in a Cup,” “Juice Brewer,”--- stellar, but not golden. There's still time, but I’m getting antsy…

1. Tiger Woods bashing – This has been bugging me the most. I get why you don’t like his adulterous ways, but stop complaining about every single thing he does. “You don’t see other golfers swearing!” Yeah, because other golfers don’t have a camera zoomed in on their face on every shot. “He acts like a baby after every bad shot! Is it really that important?” Yes, it is that important to Tiger, and that’s what makes him the best golfer of our generation. The same thing that people loved about Tiger when things were going well is what they are bashing him for when times are tough. I hope Tiger wins the upcoming Honda Classic, rolls into the Master’s with a head of steam and laps the field. Tiger whiners disgust me.