SNY-Sports Channel New York has come up with the all time Mets team. As a die hard  Met fan i have just 1 or 2 issues.

No issue with the starting pitchers-Righty-Tom Seaver..Lefty-Jerry Koosman.

Top relief pitchers and I do have an issue with 1 of these. Lefty-Tug McGraw. Righty-Roger McDowell. If it were me and it were a top mets team righty or lefty shouldn't matter. Roger McDowell should not be ranked or rated on the all time Mets team in my opinion.

I have no issue with the Catcher-No brainer. Mike Piazza.

The infield from 1st to 3rd is Keith Hernandez, Edgardo Alfonzo, Jose Reyes and David Wright. On stats you would say Alfonzo is in but he also played 3rd and my heart-not my head says Wally Backman. Not a big argument but a small one.

The outfield from left to right is Cleon Jones, Carlos Beltran, and Darryl Strawberry. Now you can't say this whole ratings thing is based on stats because if you do you can't leave off Ed Kranepool who still leads the Mets in many offensive catagories. So my point being Beltran had better stats but Mookie Wilson should have gotten the nod. That is my biggest issue with the whole thing.

Lastly the manager-I love Davey Johnson but I am guessing many many Met fans would say Gil Hodges. He led the Mets to their shocking championship in 1969.

So just a few disagreements  on the all time Me

ts team.