Hard for me to believe that Wide Reciever Mike Wallace, a work in progress still but top notch talent still doesn't have a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers or anyone else for that matter.

Seems the speed burner has priced himself high-very high, to the tune of Larry Fitzgerald money if not a few shecks more. Fitzgerald brings in around 120 mill from the AZ Cardinals.

Is Wallace worth that?  not in my opinion but he clearly is a dangerous weapon and should get a decent contract. I would love to see my NY Jets call him and his agent and kick the tires. The Jets have been desperate for a burner for years, in my view since Keyshawn Johnson days. Speed is a great weapon and  Wallace may be the fastest man in the NFL. Ask Big Ben how his numbers have fattended thanks to Wallace.

Also if the Jets made a run-not for 120 million-but a run at Wallace it would free up having to pursue a WR in the draft. Right now the Jets feature Santonio Holmes as their top wide out. Not bad but not enough. The kid from TCU looks decent, that being Jeremy Curley. but let's be honest no one shakes in their boots over Curley and frankly in my view Holmes.

A big play threat would make Mark Sanchez that much more effective. My guess is this. That Wallace will not hold out and will come down from his absurd asking price. I would try and sell wallace if I were the Jets on 2 main points

1) he could be a mega star in NY and make lots of cash from endorsments.

2) The Jets won't be an air it out outfit but will throw plenty and Wallace could become the man in NY. There is no place like winning in NY. And lastly the Steelers are again on the Jets schedule so you can play to his wanting revenge on his old mates card as well.

Wallace is getting no feelers for his demands. But if the demand isn't their I would expect Wallace and his agent to back off their requests. That's just the way the market works. Does Wallace want to work under a 1 year deal with the Steelers and hope to cash in big next off season? Well it seems the Steelers since changing Offensive Co-ordinators want to get back to a run oriented offense under new OC  Todd Haley. if that is so and the Steelers have a good stock of recievers will Wallace be able to put up numbers that will make his demands reachable next off season? I don't think so.

I say the Jets strike perhaps while the resentment is alive and well. Call Wallace's people and see if his demands have been modified and see if you can make a deal.