Philly Fanatic-Phooey. The Gorilla-Swing right here buddy. Go ahead name your favorite mascot-then come out and see me this year.

Thanks to my big mouth (there is something new) and thanks to the Devils taking out my Rangers I get to play Devil Dog, the in arena mascot for the Albany Devils, which happens to be the NJ Devils top minor league team that plays it's games right here in my new home and get aired on my new radio station..1045 the team, espn radio.

Yes I had the beloved Rangers to win the series. The folks with the Albany Devils wanted to humble me and put up tickets as the counter. I lost. The Rangers lost. Now the fans win :)

Now even though I lose the bet the Devils are nice enough to still have tickets to give away which will happen. The schedule comes out in August and at that time we will pick a game that works for all parties and Devil Dog I will be.

I plan on being the best mascot ever. Pyrotechnics. Jumping from the ceiling. Tumbling down the steps. Squirting  water on the opposing coach. It's all negotiable :) Ok well not the heights and jumping thing..We all have our  limits.

Here is my only warning. If little junior starts pulling on my tail or little Mary starts pulling my ears well don't be surprised if Devil Dog kicks them down the stairs. LOL..just kidding I think.

More details will follow but watch for the reviews. I plan on killing it!