What in the name of Rollie Massamino is going on with the beloved Big East?  Yes we all know about the dismantling of the best-BY FAR-College basketball conference but I think the Conference hit rock bottom Wednesday night. Really a big east Football game on Wednesday night? How ridiculous. Thos games are for the likes of the Sun belt and the Mac not the Big East. There is a saying-I made it-In order to be big time you have to act big time. Wednesday night football is for the Troy's,the Rice's,The Toledo's of the world not Pitt.

 John Marinatto the commisioner of the Big East should be fired. Not only for what he hasn't done to prevent the destruction of the hoops but allowing Big East Football to be played on Wednesday Night that's just wrong..The Big East is still part of the BCS Commish. It still is an automatic qualifier Commish. Perhaps Marinatto it's time for you to take your small mind and failure to a conference you can align with because you aren't Big East material