Word on the street is that the Denver Broncos are shopping quarterback Kyle Orton.  That means that the Tim Tebow era will officially begin in 2011!

Yes, that's right - the Broncos are giving Tebow the keys to the store.

I honestly have no idea what the Broncos are thinking here!

Sorry folks, Tim Tebow isn't an NFL starter.

I know that Tebow’s a winner. He’s won national championships. He’s circumsized babies in 3rd world countries. He sells jerseys. He’s won a Heisman – but he won’t be an NFL QB. Sorry! 

Every Tebow fanboy talks about how great he was in college, about how much he was a leader at Florida.  Do you know what I say? Who cares about college.  That's like me telling you I was an all-star soccer player when I was 14. That doesn’t matter today.

Tebow just doesn’t have an NFL arm – the same can be said about a lot of other Heisman Trophy winners.  When was the last time you saw Tim Tebow drop back five or seven steps and throw a 30-yard laser with pinpoint accuracy?   I haven’t seen anything about Tebow’s game that makes me say he’s an NFL quarterback.

In 3 NFL starts, he completed less than 50% of his passes playing against inferior defenses (Oakland, Houston and San Diego).

Bottom line, Tebow doesn’t do anything an NFL QB does.  He ran a quirky, shotgun – run first, pass 2nd offense in college.  His drop back style doesn’t look like an NFL QB - he was happy feet in the pocket last year.  He rarely throws the ball downfield.  He’s never had to win a game with his arm.

Tebow isn't even the current Broncos regime's guy. 

Denver backed themselves up into a corner by drafting Tebow in the first round.  However, you don’t need to play him and have him prove the point that he’s not an NFL QB.  He was drafted by Josh McDaniels. Now, John Elway and John Fox are in charge.  I don’t think there’s any harm in that management team saying Tebow isn’t our guy and we’re moving on.

The upside of starting Tebow is that the disillusioned Denver fans will be given a reason to wear those #15 jerseys without being embarrassed that they’re wearing a backup player's jersey. 

I don't understand what's wrong with Kyle Orton.  He’s a QB that’s been given up on everywhere he’s been but I don’t know why.  

Since coming to Denver from Chicago two seasons ago, Orton has thrown 41 touchdown passes and just 21 interceptions.  His QB rating is over 85 in both seasons. Over the last two years, Orton has started 18 games and thrown for more than 7,400 yards. 

Orton is a much better QB than Tim Tebow. Anyone with any sense can see that.  Tim Tebow is a sideshow that sells tickets and jerseys.