I can't imagine what eating 10 million dollars tastes like, I am guessing Bills owner Ralph Wilson, who can afford it doesn't care for the taste.

In a somewhat stunning move the Bills cut their starting QB for the past 2 seasons on the opening day of free agency. While other teams were adding players the Bills were saying goodbye to their enigmatic QB.

Fitzpatrick signed a whopping 59 million dollar-6 year deal in October of 2011. rather then pay a 3 million dollar bonus that was due on March 13th the Bills waived the Harvard signal caller much to the delight of many Bills fans.

It seemed to many, myself included that the day " Fitzy" inked that deal is the day he stopped playing well. Perhaps it was just timing. Perhaps some bad luck. Either way the Bills decided to move on now. Moving on means Tarvaris Jackson appears to be their starter and a QB will be a priority for the news Bills regime led by former Syracuse coach Doug Marrone.

Fitzpatrick was 20-33 as a starter. Clearly the blame doesn't fall only on his shoulders but don't try telling that to frustrated Buffalo fan, now 13 years since they last made the playoffs, the longest such streak in the NFL. Buffalo hasn't had a winning season since 2004. Not Pittsburgh Pirate inept but a lifetime if you are a parity laden NFL team.

In his 55 game Buffalo career Fitzpatrick finished with 80 touchdown passes and 64 interceptions, including a career high 23 in 2011. The Bills spent mucho dollars last off season including landing the biggest free agent fish in defensive lineman Mario Williams. The moves turned into disaster when the Bills couldn't stop water for much of the year, costing their entire coaching staff their jobs. Head coach Chan Gailey and defensive co-ordinator Dave Wanndstadt were the biggest names to get the ax. Marrone is the Bills 6th head coach since the century turned and their 9th starting QB since hall of famer Jim Kelly retired after the 1996 season.

Fitzpatrick received his huge contract after getting the Bills off to a 5-2 start in 2011. Since then the record is an unsightly 15-31.