Dino Laurenzi Jr. is the fella's name, and he isn't happy. In fact, he is on the offense. In case you don't know who Dino Laurenzi is, well, he is the gentleman who was the collector of the urine sample produced by Ryan Braun and basically accused of  either mis-handling or perhaps distorting the sample.

If you have followed the story you know about Braun's positive test for steroids. He beat the rap and the suspension because the protocol wasn't followed, says Braun's side. Basically, without being specific (but reading between the lines) he says the collector, Mr. Laurenzi, messed with or screwed up the delivery of the sample.

At his presser on Friday, Braun actually had the nerve to say he was found innocent- which of course never happened. Laurenzi Jr. released a statement on Tuesday saying he never messed with the sample and kept it under the right temps before sending it off on Monday as he has done several times before.

Laurenzi claims the procedure he followed has been in place since 2005 and that his reputation has now been harmed.

Here is my thing on this that no one that is defending Braun seems to be able to answer . He had motive to do the 'roids. What exactly would be Laurenzi's motive for messing with the sample?