Much to my chagrin the Detroit Tigers, desperate for a closer,have acquired that closer and his name wasn't Bobby Parnell. Instead Detroit made a deal with Houston and traded for the Astros closer, Jose Veras.

I have been advocating the Mets deal Parnell to a desperate team, a team that is close to winning a title but needs a closer.

Detroit was at the top of that list. Boston is on that list. Pittsburgh is now on that list..Arizona is on that list. Perhaps another team or 2 can be put on that list. But the Tigers, unless they feel Veras isn't enough are now off that list and frankly they were in my view the MOST desperate of all the teams. The Tigers have the offense but that window, while still wide open, closes every time they get close but can't close.

Veras is 0-4 for the decrepit Astros. His ERA is just below 3. he has a nice strikeout to innings pitched ratio with 44k's in 43 innings. The Stros get back a minor league outfielder and a player to be named later. The outfielder is Danry Vasquez, named the 6th best prospect in Detroit's organization.

The Tigers have been using Joaquin Benoit as their primary closer after cutting Jose Valverde a few weeks back.

Meanwhile the Mets, now officially if unofficially are out of any playoff chase after getting thrashed by Washington over the weekend, don't seem to be in the peddle mode, which in my view is a mistake.

Parnell should be dealt to a team that is desperate. Yes he has done a good job this year but ask yourself this is you think trading Parnell would be a mistake. Is he an elite closer? Will he be an elite closer? My answers- No and No so deal him while value is high.

The non-waiver needing trade deadline is July 31st. Deals can be had after that but players have to clear waivers and could be claimed by another organization before reaching their intended destination.