Don't be fooled by the headline folks, unlike Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish fame, my tears are of laughter. The NFL's butt end of jokes does it again, signing washed up, can't read a playbook and useless WR Chad Ochocinco.

Ochocinco was recently cut by the Patriots after having difficulty understanding the playbook. On the bright side for Dolphin fans their teams playbook is so vanilla it shouldn't be much of an issue for Ocho. This washed up former Bengal caught a whopping 15 passes with the pass happy Patriots last year.

The fish are a mess, bringing delight to the haters like myself and shame to my fellow host Brian Noe on 1045 The Team-ESPN Radio here in Albany. Like many fins fans (wait are there many fins fans left? ) this has been a brutal off season for the joke of the league. They couldn't sign a QB, settling for the retired David Garrard and drafting a former WR named Tannyhill which shows the desperation.

This franchise hasn't won a playoff game since the Clinton administration. Their fans still brag about 1972 and the perfect season. They recently almost matched that perfection the other way, winning just 1 game in 2007. Despite a parity filled NFL the Dolphins can't even get a visit from mediocre having finished below 500 6 of the last 8 years. Fans , the few left even held a protest outside GM Jeff Irelands office not long ago.

Now add in Ochostinko and you get the picture. But hey at least Ocho gets to go back home as he is from Miami. Heck if his family comes to the games that should double the attendance :)

You have to feel bad for their new head coach Joe Philbin, the former OC of the Green Bay Packers. He won't be finding anything like Aaron Rodgers in Miami.

Now if you are sensing the sarcasm you got that right. As a Jets fan nothing brings me more delight then watching the fins lose and lose a lot!

Perhaps if the Dolphs are lucky they can manage hmm 4 wins this year. Although their schedule isn't daunting neither is their roster. Adding a washed up Ochocinko is just the latest dreadful move by this dreadful franchise. Hey Noe I feel your pain. hahahahaha