It is tougher to play decent and lose then play lousy and get stomped. The Jets have done both the last 2 weeks, losing a close Monday night game 23-17 to the OVERRATED Houston Texans.

Yes you read that right, the OVERRATED Texans. All day ESPN and other national zombies, as well as many locals who listen to the show (Game on with Bruce Jacobs, 3-7 p.m. on 104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio) had the Jets getting blasted. They didn't, but this is big boy football so no moral victories. I expected and hoped that the Jets would win.

From Fox writerJason Whitlock, who claimed, I hope in jest, that the Jets should be thrown out of the NFL (I have never seen more vitriol for a football team) to the talking heads and even the Monday Night Football crew they laughed at the Jets and mocked them. You would think the Jets are the Bills or worse than the Browns.

The Jets defense again couldn't stop the run and couldn't get off the field on third down. They are 31st in third down defense. Last week, when San Francisco tore the Jets up they ran for 245 yards. The Texans rattled off 169 yards with Arian Foster getting 152.

The killer though was right before half time, trailing 14-7 the Jets got inside the Texans 10 yard line, but a Mark Sanchez pass was tipped by JJ Watt and picked off by Brice McCain who rambled all the way to the Jets 9 setting up a field goal and a 17-7 Texans lead at the break.

Unlike the last two weeks, a win against Miami and a pounding at the hands of the 49ers, this game the Jets played well but too many mistakes cost them the win. Disorganization in the offensive huddle cost them two timeouts. Sanchez had some passes deflected and a strange call by Rex Ryan right after the Jets scored a TD to slice their deficit to 20-14. The ensuing surprise onside kick was recovered by the Texans and they managed a field goal to go up 23-14.

If you like moral victories you can find some things to like from this loss, Jet fans. One of those things or two of those things I didn't like outside the loss: the apparent need by ESPN's talking fools to mock the Jets as it appears they did during the pregame show and into the ballgame. I expect better from Mike Tirico. I think he dropped the slight mocking as the Jets made it a game. Worse, though, I sensed doom and gloom by Jet fans. I don't get that. They were 2-2 despite all the injuries and poor play. Very, very disappointed in Jet fans.

Hey, Jet fans, I'm not saying we are going to the Super Bowl but dang you have given up on this team fast. Very weak in my view. The AFC is very mediocre. At 2-3 the jets are one game back of a playoff spot. Pick it up, Jet fans.

Next the Jets welcome in the Indianapolis Colts, who are 2-3 after their great comeback win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.