To think if Mark Sanchez hadn't gotten a case of the " No here you take it" the Jets were within a flucky and questionable missed 2 point conversion by the Texans of making the playoffs. Hey you can what if it to death but the bottom line is the Jets got what they deserved. It pains me to say but this team wasn't that much fun to watch and a big disappointment. 2 interceptions by a Defensive lineman in the Miami meltdown. The Jets didn't beat a good team all season. They got clobbered many times. They didn't run it well, couldn't pass it well, weren't very good at stopping it and in the end for guys like Santonio Holmes not very classy about it.

Get ready for a winter of finger pointing and bashing. That's what happens when your coach says they will win the Super Bowl but fail even to make the tournament. For Jet fans who hate Miami this will gall you. This is the 2nd time in 4 years the season has ended at the hands of that team!

I won't sit here and just throw arrows at Rex or the Sanchize. Neither had a good season but neither is the main reason in my opinion for this dismal failure. Now play caller Brian Schottenheimer is another story. he needs to go and I think he will get his walking papers. Don't dismiss the defense. Just a small bit of evidence how this unit underachieved is that drive that bridged the 3rd and 4th quarters for the Dolphins. if you can't stop 3rd down  you won't win. The Jets didn't and they didn't.

They didn't run it well, defend it well, catch it well, and their special teams weren't special at all. Count the drops on kick returns. I think the Jets won 8 games based mostly on schedule. It will be entertaining to see how Rexy explains this away. He should just tell the truth. This was an entire team breakdown and failure. Save for a few players no one can say they outperformed expectations. Huwever despite all of this they possibly came within a brutal onside kick and a Texan mistake from making the playoffs for a 3rd straight year, sonething amazingly they have still never accomplished.