I have rooted for the Jets for many years, been embarrassed many times, but even I am lost for words at what has become of my team.

Getting thrashed by a mediocre at best Miami Dolphins team is just the latest. Good thing I am not the owner Woody Johnson or nobody would have a job tomorrow. The Jets are bad. Real bad. And now come Monday, my cohort and resident Dolphin fan Brian Noe (the Noe Show 1-3 p.m. on 104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio) is going to pummel me and rightfully so.

In addition to getting thrashed by Noe, thanks to my big mouth, I have to wash a few cars, wear the green and aqua that is Miami, and the worst sing that putrid Dolphin song. The fins 30-9 victory is just the start of my nightmare.

Not one facet of Jet football can be defended and I won't try to. Mark Sanchez was terrible. The offensive line was worse than that. The special teams was even worse than that. The coaching was somehow worse than that.

The numbers don't tell the entire story. Mark Sanchez came out and looked brutal from the start. The Jets special teams allowed a blocked punt for a touchdown, had a field goal blocked and it was over. The Dolphins ran at first, threw later, and laughed their way to an easy victory to avenge an earlier loss to the Jets.

They even lost their starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill early but didn't miss a beat. The fish held the Jets to a wispy 236 yards, most in garbage time which was virtually the entire second half.

Leading up to the game the Jets did what the Jets do: talk. They talked about Reggie Bush, talked about how good they were, talked about how much better they were getting. It was all talk.

As usually is the case, coach Rex Ryan built up the Patriots game and the Jets had nothing left the week after, plus they lost the Patriots game. Thankfully we Jets fans won't have to sit through and stomach another debacle next week as the bye week is finally here.

However, thanks to my big mouth, combined with my hatred for all things Dolphins I will have to live this horror show of a team and game down for weeks to come.