Yikes whose wounds are deeper-The Jets lost to a guy who can't throw a forward pass. The Giants lost to a guy who many (not I) think is the worst QB in the NFL (not me) and the Bills lost to a guy who couldn't stick in Carolina. Yikes!!!!!! What a dreadful weekend  for our football teams here in New York. All 3 of the clubs had horrid offensive performances. 2 of the 3 had huge defensive breakdowns late in the game and 1-the Bills defense  never bothered to even make the trip to Miami. The jets lost to Tim Tebow who completed 9 passes and 6 were behind the line of scrimmage. the Giants lost to backup Vince Young and the Bills got shreded by something called a Mat Moore

I could say the Bills loss was the worst since they weren't in the game 10 minutes after it kicked off but to me it's worse to lose late like the G-Men did or worse to lose late like the Jets did. All 3 losses have the local fans upset and thinking that the state will have no playoff representitive at all. Yikes that's just scary. The questions are many-who are the real Bills? the team that started out with wins over the Patriots,Raiders,Chiefs and Eagles or the team that has been beaten up by the Jets,Dallas and now stinking Miami? What has happened to Ryan Fitzpatrick since signing that huuuuuge contract?  The Jets are being besieged cause their Defense couldn't stop inept Tim Tebow from 95 yards and clock running out yet they knew he would run the ball. So poor was the jets plan that they actually went dime coverage even though Tebow can't throw a forward pass and mark Sanchez is in a funk. Now the Giants that's another story. Big Blue fans are thinking this movie has been seen before.great start and then "el-tank-er-ooo". Well the good news is this-The Jets play the Bills this coming Sunday so someone has to win right? Right? Right?