The Tim Tebow "error" has finally come to an end in New York, at least with the Jets, as the long await release of Tebow finally came on Monday morning. In typical bungling Jet fashion they wait until after the draft thus possibly denying Tebow the chance to hook up with a team before OTA's start.

Tebow's release comes on the heels of the Jets drafting Geno Smith with their 2nd round pick in this past weekends draft. Rumors have the Jets contemplating releasing Mark Sanchez and turning over the reigns right away to Smith. The Jets also have David Gerrard as a possible starter although he has missed most of the past 2 years. There is also Greg McIlroy who played terrible in 2 starts last year.

The Tebow move proved to be a total flop for the Jets, a complete national joke, through no fault of Tebow what so ever. The Jets made this thing a clown act from the start and happily played the part of Bozo. The Jets had an offensive co-ordinator suited best for leather helmet football, a coach who seemed dazed by the whole fiasco from the start, an owner who kept his hands off the decisions but hands on to place blame, a starter who couldn't handle the presence of Tebow, a press that fawns, suffocates, and laughs at Tebow, all  at the same time, and a stubborn Tebow on top of all this.

I thought at the time the acquisition was a terrific move. I was wrong. The Jets butchered this whole thing and badly. Tebow just wanted a chance to compete. The Jets wanted a marketing circus. Seriously Tony Sparano as the Offensive co-ordinator?

The Jets never played to any of Tebow's strengths, succumbed to Mark Sanchez's weaknesses, and crumbled like a cookie.

For his part Tebow will come to a realization hopefully at some point he isn't good enough to play QB at the NFL level full time and will have to  expand his game like Kordell Stewart, Brad Smith, Antwan Randell-El, and many others. If not the CFL waits. I like Tebow plenty. His character. his compassion. His compete level, and many other characteristics but the truth is he can't cut it as an every down QB at the NFL level.

The entire Tebow relationship was a total waste. The least the Jets could do was cut him so he could possibly hook up with an NFL team before the the draft. The Jets even blew that. You could argue wait until the last moment to see if you can swing a deal. Fine. But the Jets knew no deal was there to be made and  they blew the release as well.