The New York Knicks took a chance in re-signing 6th man of the year J.R. Smith to a new 4 year contract last week. That deal now looks more of a gamble as it was revealed that Smith underwent surgery on his knee and will miss up to 4 months of action.

Smith went under the knife on his left knee with 2 different procedures. 1st the knee itself, or patellar tendon. Also the left knee needed arthroscopic surgery for a tear in the in the meniscus. The Knicks claim they knew of Smith's injury, which they claim is through wear and tear, when they gave him a new 4 year deal for just over 24 million dollars.

Smith and the Knicks claim the knee started bothering him during the playoffs. It was also during the post season that Smith lost his mind and tossed an elbow into the mush of Boston's Jason Terry, which led to a 1 game suspension and seemed to lift Boston from their dormant position and they won the next 2 games. The Knicks won the series by winning game 6 in Boston but the criticism of Smith's antics continued, mostly by me. Combined with his late night carousing with pop dive Rhianna made him a risky re-sign despite his solid year and winning the 6th man of the year award.

Now add on the surgery which the Knicks say could keep him off the court for 3-4 months, and even at the age of 27, if the problem is as the Knicks say degenerative and this contract looks questionable. The Knicks claim they knew the severity of the injury before they gave Smith the new deal.

Smith had fluid drained from his knee during the post season. His game was far off his regular season heights.

In other NBA news: The Atlanta Hawks sign free agent Elton Brand to a 1 year deal. Brand had been negotiating with the Knicks, his home town team, but decided to go to Atlanta.

The Dallas Mavericks sign Danta Ellis to a 3 year deal. he last played for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Finally the Sacramento Kings bring back Carl Landry, signing the swing man to a 4 year deal for  24 million. Landry played last season with Golden State.