Oh the media is having their fun, especially enjoying the lack of offense by the Jets. The fans are having their fun because as we all know those pre-season games are HUGE! Combine that with a hatred for Tim Tebow, the enjoyment of poking shots at Rex Ryan and they are doing a lot of yapping right now.

But fear not, Jet fans, because we will get the last bark and bite. I am calling my shot. Jets go 12-4 and win the AFC East. Yes you read that right, and no I have no Jet green kool-aid by my side.

Now, the Jets aren't going to dazzle anyone with an  amazing passing game ala Green Bay and New Orleans, but where does that get you anyhow? Points are for selling seats. Defense is for championships. Just look at the NY Giants last year. Sure they scored but that great defensive line led them to the title.

The Jets defense has a chance to be really ferocious and dominating if the pieces all fall into place. The drafting of Quintin Coples, as I said then, was astute. Signing LaRon Landry was smart. The Jets will finally be able to mount a pass rush without blitzing all game long and Landry, if he is finally healthy, is a HUGE upgrade at a position that needed a huge upgrade. Throw in a productive Calvin Pace and Bart Scott and we are  looking at a mean and nasty defense.

My big fears going into the season are not the offense per se, and certainly not this made up baloney about Tebow threatening Mark Sanchez. If Sanchez plays well he plays. Period. The end. Only the Jets can't have a useful backup cause of the "feelings" of the starter. Laughable. The right side of the Offensive line concerns me but hopefully that got corrected with Austin Howard and/or Justin Smith and NOT that bum Wayne Hunter. The Jets biggest need is a great year from Shonn Green. This is a must, must, must for him.

My 3rd concern is loud mouth Antonio Crowmartie. Shut up and defend Crow. Shut up and catch the ball on punts. Just shut up telling us how good you are and go be good. At least Santonio Holmes for his mouth has a ring that he made happen.

My order of predicted finish in the AFC East: Jets 12-4, Patriots 11-5, Bills 10-6, Dolphins-Yeah sure. Their new QB doesn't even know what teams are in what divisions. They will be lucky to win 3 games and I am thrilled about that.

A good Sunday is when the Giants win. A great Sunday is when the Giants and Jets win. A fantastic Sunday is when the Jets and Giants win and the Dullfins lose!!!!

You heard it here first Jet fans, and maybe last. The minions like to follow the masses. This Jet team can be special...12-4!!!!!