Whether you’re drawn in by it’s history, it’s players, the bright lights and pretty flowers, or the general aura of Augusta you’ve got to admit, the Masters is special.

I’m not going to sit here and try and breakdown golfer’s chances at the Masters, I mean, my handicap is off the charts.  But I will offer this support of the greatest golf tournament around:

There’s nothing quite like Sunday at Augusta.  Maybe it’s because around the time of Master’s weekend the northeast is still mired in slowly melting snow (or freezing rain) and general malaise, but there’s something spiritual about ‘Amen Corner’ in HD.  It’s almost emotional watching the leaders cross Hogan Bridge on Sunday, or the eventual winner tap in on eighteen in front of that crowd.  Watching the Sunday back nine charges can be one of the most exciting couple of hours in sports.  Honestly, a Master’s Sunday with the last few groups in contention and someone coming from thunder deep in the field to make a run at the lead is indescribably fun.

Golf gets a bad rap as a sport that isn’t great on TV, but I’d argue differently, especially for the Masters.  Augusta is just set up for drama.  Is there greater theater in golf than watching these players go through Amen Corner, the legitimate eagle opportunities on thirteen and fifteen, then the par three sixteenth?  Who didn’t freak out last year when Mickelson hit his 2nd on thirteen out of the pine straw, between two trees, over a creek and onto the green?  Just go back and watch the drama of Nicklaus’ back nine charge in ’86, or Tiger in ’05 when he chipped in on 16.

Bottom line, the Masters has got that special something that puts it above a host of other sporting events.  There’s pageantry, a history, a certain mystique about the Masters; golf’s greatest players uniting with it’s most celebrated heroes on its most celebrated course.  It’s a legendary arena in which legends are born.  So I for one can’t wait for Mickelson and the like to tee up this weekend in golf’s greatest event.  I'll be watching to see all the drama unfold, in a way that only Augusta can deliver.