I know as a Met fan I should be thrilled about the teams record-For the record I am. But something that has bothered me for a long time, since the wonderful teams of the 80's really has reared it's ugly head again I am afraid-SOFTNESS!!!!!

The softness showed itself Saturday and really screamed of itself Sunday.

Two examples this weekend which are troubling. Nick Swisher is wearing the Mets out. Ok hey it happens. Guys own a certain club or do extremely well against a certain team for a spell hey it is what it is. But Swisher is not only hammering Mets pitching but in my view he is mocking the Mets as well. Swisher is laughing coming around the bases at Citifield after a homerun. This after his antics at Yankee stadium in the dugout, acting like an airplane and this sort of thing. That's not the way it goes down in Baseball and for his actions Swisher WASN'T knocked down at the minimum. Heck he wasn't even backed off the plate. In my view Swisher for his act should have been decked on his keister at least once. Not have his head thrown at, just let him taste a little dirt.

But what went down Sunday is even more galling! I didn't see it but a caller to my program (Game On With Bruce Jacobs) alerted me that R.A. Dickey mouthed "I'm sorry" after knocking down Alex Rodriguez on ACCIDENT sunday night. 1st off Dickey is no head hunter. 2nd even if it were a message, and it wasn't, you are apologizing???? Really? Why would you apologize R.A.? Nothing to apologize for-especially to that guy on that team. But really any guy on any team. I have never seen a guy apologize for knocking someone down or brushing them back. Neither happened in this case. The ball just got away. It happens. I have seen an apology if a guy hits a guy especially near the head but for not hitting him but putting him on his butt. That warrents an apology? No way!

Met 'softness" goes back a few years. Who can ever forget how many years they waited to pay back Roger Clemens and the Yanks for Clemens purposely beaning Mike Piazza in the head. Worse how they finally did get their "evens". That king of wuss Sean Estes threw a braking ball-yes an offspeed softie-that went behind Clemens. Years later. Threw behind the guy  who on purpose I remind you hit your best player in the head!!!

Baseball is not a physical game. But at times you have to "MAN UP" to make your point. Not knocking down Swisher after his dancing was lame. Dickey apologizing for a ball that got away is WEAK no matter how well Dickey is pitching this year or any year.

Another example was Terry Collins removing David Wright from the Milwaukee series earlier this year at Citifield. Colins should have let David be hit-he was going to be hit after the Mets hit Ryan Braun. Collins yanked Wright from the ball game. This isn't over.  Make bank the Brew Crew will hit Wright when they meet up again later this year in Milwaukee.