So far the NY Mets have surpassed expectations-well most of the Mets anyhow. Then there is the Bullpen. Oy vey the bullpen!

Led by the continual meltdowns of Frank Francisco the Mets pen is a mess. In 13 and 2/3rds innings of work  this free agent signee from Toronto has allowed 28 baserunners. Hey Terry Collins did you see that with all your charts,graphs,scopes, reports, and diagrams? 28 baserunners in 13 and 2/3rds. That's UGLY!

Between Francisco who reminds you of Met bust Armando Benetiz and Manny Acosta the Mets managed to throw away another solid comeback in Miami yesterday as Giancarlo Stanton pounded a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th topping off the 6 run stanza in beating the Mets 8-4 and taking the series 2-1.

The Mets led every game in the last frame just to watch this collection of nothings waste away solid offense and decent or better starting pitching.

Hey Terry Collins NO MORE! NO MORE OK! It won't be long until this thing goes south as starting pitchers will grumble that their fine work is being wasted by the junk from the pen.

Acosta's ERA is now well over 9! Francisco's is well over 8. Hey Terry Collins put down all your charts and graphs cause it should only say this-these 2 are aweful! That's what my charts say.

In fairness to Terry he is using what GM Sandy Alderson aquired for him. Talk about coal in the stocking. No Met relief pitcher (this is relief? ) has an ERA under 2.25. It's only a matter of time before hapless Jon Rauch falls apart cause he isn't any good either.

The weekend in Miami saw the Mets waste a decent start for Johan Santana and a fine start for Jonathan Niese. Next in line to close would be Bobby Parnell who has done a good job so far but let's be honest is there a Met fan who has any faith in this flame thrower? I don't.

The harder the fastball comes in the faster it leaves as Parnell has shown NO ability to be a closer over his career. Lefty Tim Byrdak has been good against lefty's but a closer? Please. Then there is swing man Miguel Batista- YIKES. He stinks. Don't forget Ramon Ramirez-Yeesh!

Another words what I am trying to say resembles a Charlie Brown character-PIGPEN. Thank you Sandy Alderson. You collected this group of junk and now the Mets players and fans have to watch in dread every time 1 of these bums enter a ball game.

Oh wait BREAKING NEWS: The Mets called up D.J. Carrasco from the minors!  Dawn of the dead wasn't as much a horror flick as this clown. Carrasco got right into the swing of  it by allowing 4 hits and a run in his brief 2 innings since his call up.

Truth is the Mets have been better then advertised so far-except for the pigpen. just think what their record could be if they had any life in the pigpen. They are lucky to be only 2.5 out of 1st place in spite of leading baseball in 2 out hits.

Let me be fair to Terry Collins. He has done a solid job this year and pushed some smart buttons but he has only 1 bullet in his 6 chambers and that's only the starter. He has virtually no options from the pen.

Here is what I think will happen. Parnell will be named closer and Rauch will become the set up guy. What else can Terry do after Alderson shopped  at the dime store for relief pitchers. This won't work cause Rauch sucks and Parnell still hasn't harnessed that fastball and isn't reliable.

Can the Mets continue to score 5-6 runs per game and then pray their pen holds up? What other choice does Collins have. It won't be long before his temper explodes and he confronts in a gentle way of course Alderson to get some arms in the pigpen that can put these games away. Not likely to happen of course as the Mets are operating on a shoe string budget. Hey John Franco and Billy Wagner can you still pitch boys?