The Dallas Cowboys, this according to a new study by Forbes Magazine. The Cowboys are now valued at a staggering 2.1 billion dollars which is up 14% from last year. Having that beautiful Jerry Dome to play in doesn't hurt.

The rest of the top 5 according to Forbes looks like this: The New England Patriots are now valued at 1.635 billion dollars. Yeah, Robert Kraft won't have a hard time paying his Amex bill.

The Washington Redskins, despite years of lousy play are worth 1.6 billion dollars which is up 3% from last year. the Patriots increase was 17%.

Coming in at number four is the world champion Giants at $1.468 billion, up 13% from 2011.

At the 5 spot are the Houston Texans. Bob McNair's club is worth $1.305 billion up 9%. The beloved NY  Jets are valued at $1.284 billion and they come in 6th.

Here is how the NFL has had incredible growth in value. The late Art Modell bought the Browns back in 1960 for $4 million. Today the Browns despite being moved to Baltimore and then getting a new franchise are valued at 987 million dollars. And here we thought the Indians selling Manhattan for peanuts was one of the worst deals in history.

At the bottom of the value scale, and yeah don't feel too bad for these folks, at 32 is the Jacksonville Jaguars at $770 mill. The Rams are right above that at $780 Mill, and much to my surprise the Oakland Raiders, playing in the big market bay area is at $785 million.

The last 2 in the bottom 5 are the Buffalo Bills at $805 million and then the Atlanta Falcons at $837 million!