It is not looking good for Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez. Police continued their investigation over the weekend into the death of a friend of Hernandez and evidence is starting to pile up that he was somehow involved in the execution style murder of  Odin Lloyd.

Surveillance video taken by a street camera is seen showing Hernandez and Lloyd together hours before Lloyd was gunned down. This comes on top of the disclosure that Hernandez destroyed his cell phone before turning it over to the authorities. In addition his home security system was destroyed and that is pointing to Hernandez. Also is appears his home was scrubbed clean by a cleaning crew. These actions don't point to an innocent man.

Also it has been revealed that Hernandez, after being drafted by the Pats threatened to kill wide receiver Wes Welker. The story goes that Hernandez asked Welker about how to use a piece of equipment and that Welker said " figure it out yourself rookie." The comment so enraged Hernandez that he fired back with something along the lines of " I'll F*** you up."  Mike Florio of Pro Football Weekly reported these new details late last week. Reporters that cover Hernandez also claim he didn't have much of a relationship off the field with his Patriot mates, choosing instead to hang with his pals from his old neighborhoods.

Also it has come to light that Hernandez failed a drug test at Florida, and that he might have been involved or at least have knowledge of an off campus shooting while at Florida.

Hernandez's girlfriend is reportedly friends with Lloyd's girlfriend. Some of these items could be nothing more then anecdotal evidence it should be pointed out.

Investigators left Hernandez's home Saturday with 15 bags of "evidence" or possible evidence.

Adding to Hernandez's troubles are these items- A vehicle that was rented under the name Aaron Hernandez was found near the victim. The killing reportedly took place within a mile of Hernandez's home. Of course that could mean nothing at all.

Police supposedly went into Hernandez's home Saturday with specialized dogs who sniff for evidence in addition to a pry bar. Also a locksmith was called in for reasons that have not been explained as of yet.

Hernandez attempted to go into the Patriots facility last week and was rebuffed by team officials, claiming there were no coaches around. It is not unusual for players to show up to work out in the teams workout facility.

Reports have been floating for days that police would arrest Hernandez soon and charge him with at least 1 crime, that being obstruction into a murder investigation. Also there are laws on the books regarding destroying evidence involved in a police investigation.

Last note: 1 of Hernandez's clients that he endorses products for,CytoSport, the maker of "muscle milk" have cancelled their endorsement deal with the Patriots Tight End.