Oh the NBA world waits on baited breath for the Nets to take their sad act to Brooklyn. Yikes isn't the crime rate high enough-imagine a lousy basketball team to make the residents feel even better.

But this "historic' move may not include their best player-Deron Williams. Williams who went on a European trip with Prokorov the owner and upper managment came back and reports claim he is leaving the Nets UNLESS they get Dwight Howard.

Nothing like a player dicatating terms. When does the madness end! Williams is a player for all his talents of virtually no team accomplishments yet he is telling the Nets how to run their team. Who needs GM Billy King around.

The report if true comes from Yahoo reporter Adrian Wojnarowski who says in the report that Williams wants no other big guy except the  center from Orlando. Wow this will be some pair...Howard basically runs the show in Disney-ville and he has no rings to show for his efforts. So why not have them team up.

On the other hand if Williams forces the nets hand and they give up a ransom for Howard that will be a terrific 1-2 tandem. In the yahoo report a 'source' told Wojo it is "Howard or bust".