Did it hurt watching the Green Bay Packers fly into field goal range late in the 4th quarter last night? Absolutely; I was still doing my 2-point conversion dance when Jordy Nelson broke free down the sideline. But, as Giants fans, we need to look past the fact that they let the game slip away and focus on what truly matters: how they played.

Sure they lost, and losing sucks. I get that. But what Giants fan truly, in their heart of hearts, thought we were going to win that game? I, for one, expected the Giants to come out flat and fold up early, continuing their 4th straight late season spiral. Instead they went out and battled, taking the Packers down to the wire and proving to themselves (and their fans) that they can compete with anyone in the league.

Now, don’t tell me that a team cannot gain confidence in a loss. In 2007 the Giants played the 15-0 New England Patriots and, in a losing effort, gave them their biggest test up to that point. It was that effort that gave the Giants their swagger heading into the post season, and propelled them to a Super Bowl victory over that same Patriots team a few weeks later.

Two games against undefeated teams, two well fought 38-35 losses. I don’t think I’m reaching too far here...

So now it’s up to the G to learn from this game. The Giants have four games left, and they need to go out and win three of them. Beat the Cowboys twice and the division is theirs for the taking. The way I see it is this: if the Giants sit around and sulk over this defeat then the season, and Tom Coughlin’s tenure, is all but over. But, if the Giants focus on and build off of all of the positives we saw yesterday, you can pencil in a rematch against the Pack in the NFC Championship Game. It’s time to go to work.